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Earth Song - Michael Jackson

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Repertoire from January 2023 onwards 

Please note that all downloadable audio guides are the copyright© of the Harmoneers Choir and therefore for the personal use of current Harmoneers members only.  Please do not share or forward onwards. The current downloads will be available for a limited period whilst we are working on a particular repertoire in order to save on web space. Once we commence a new term / repertoire, the audio files will revert back to non downloadable tracks. 

Moon River

SATB Score

Reach Out I'll Be There

No score as copyright protected 

Specials Medley

Specials Medley - SATB Score 

All Of Me - John Legend

No score - copyright

YouTube audio with lyric sheets scrolling through the pages 

Earth Song - Michael Jackson

Not quite the version we will be doing but beautiful nevertheless

No score - copyright protected

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